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Hexagon screw definition and purpose of use

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Hexagon screw definition and purpose of use

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Hex bolts, in fact, there are many different ways, such as the hexagon screw can be called, for example, can be called hexagonal screw. Can also be called outside hex bolts. This is the same meaning. Just different personal habits.

Ordinary bolts points A, B, C three. The first two are refined bolts, less used. Generally speaking, ordinary bolts, all refer to C-level ordinary bolts.

Hexagonal screw, with the nut, for fastening the two connected parts with through-hole, the use of components. Hexagon screw is the more commonly used bolts. There are A-level and B-level hex with more, more important. And in the assembly of high precision, as well as subject to greater impact, vibration or rate of load occasions used more. The C-level six six screws for the surface roughness, less demanding assembly of the occasion.

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