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The use of hex screws is very common

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The use of hex screws is very common

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Hexagon screw head screw head is round the outside, the middle is recessed into the hexagonal, hexagonal screw head is the common side of the hexagonal kind. Hexagon screwdriver looks like "7", with hexagonal steel strips at both ends of the cut and then turned into a 90-degree angle into a hexagon socket screwdriver, and the hardware tool shop to sell.

Hexagon socket screws commonly used in machinery, mainly for easy fastening, disassembly, not easy to slip corners, etc. Allen wrenches are generally a 90 ° turn, bent one side of the long side of the short, with a short side of the fight, Hold the long side can save a lot of force and can better tighten the screws. The long end has a round head (hexagonal cylinder similar sphere) and flat head, the round head can be easily inclined into the demolition, the installation of some inconvenient Under the wrench position. Hexagon hexagonal manufacturing cost is much lower than the hexagon, and its advantages are screw (wrench force position) thinner than the hexagon, and some places can not be replaced by the hexagon. In addition, low cost, power The strength of small, low precision machinery used hexagonal screw hexagon less than the more.

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