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Socket head screw similar to countersunk screw do you know?

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Socket head screw similar to countersunk screw do you know?

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Socket head screw similar to countersunk screw do you know?

Hexagon socket screws, the terminology called fasteners, are found everywhere in people's daily lives and are indispensable industrial necessities: minimal screws such as cameras, eyeglasses, timepieces, electronics, etc. Televisions, electrical products, Musical instruments, furniture and other general screws; as engineering, construction, bridges are the use of large screws, nuts; traffic equipment, aircraft, trams, cars and other sizes and screws are used. When the lamp to ballast contacts more than 2 meters away from the distance, the need to replace the three-core cable. That is, with a hex wrench unscrew the lamp housing six hexagon socket set screws, pull out the lamp body, remove the lamp comes with a three-core cable, and then according to the original wiring connected to the prepared three-core cable line.

Replace the lamp, the first cut off the power, check the hanging chain is good, and then use a hex wrench unscrew the six hex bolts on the lamp housing, carefully pull down the lamp body part, the lamp body and lamp housing separation, unscrewing Replace old lamp with new one. Hexagon socket set screw is a kind of hole screw. Socket head cap screws are similar to socket head cap screws. They are generally used on a variety of machine tools and accessories. Hexagon socket set screws are full-thread screws that have special ends to support the connected parts. When using the hexagon socket set screw, tighten the set screw into the screw hole of the part to be fixed so that the end of the screw is pressed against the surface of the other part even if the previous part is fixed to the next part on. Slotted and socket head cap screws are used on parts that are not allowed to be exposed and square set screws are used on parts that are allowed to be exposed.

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