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Kunshan giant Kerry Fastening System Co., Ltd.

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Kunshan giant Kerry Fastening System Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sale of fasteners products company, has a complete and scientific quality management system, the strength and quality of products recognized by the industry.

The company has young and professional and technical team at the same time have a modern production equipment and a variety of auxiliary equipment and testing equipment, etc .; Main long screws, screws, furniture screws, sheet metal screws, car screws, etc .; screws available diameter 1.0 ~ 12mm, the length can be made unlimited, after years of research and development, the long screws and long screws are very advantageous, can be processed to order processing orders; other companies perennial stock preparation specifications hexagonal screw, hexagonal head screw , Cold pier pressure rivet nut column, rivet nut, riveting screw, welding screw; with many years of accumulated operating experience, mature technology, advanced management mode and a sound quality control system to ensure that the product fully in line with national standards . Product sales throughout the country and look forward to working with customers around the world to form long-term relations of cooperation.

In the company of "customer-oriented, integrity first" principle, with the number of advantages, the quality of survival of the banner, has been selling all kinds of superior price advantage screw, in good faith to provide you with quality, efficient service, and A number of enterprises established a long-term relations of cooperation, won the praise of all manufacturers. Welcome to all manufacturers to buy!

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